Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quake revisited

The goal of this project was just to get the sonnet running for doing the heavy lifting next to the 68K. So datatype work, decrunchers, that kind of stuff...

Don't know what went wrong....

Anyway, last time I posted a Quake movie there was no sound and the direct access to the framebuffer (turbogfx option) was not working so it was running using the WPA8 routine from the cybergfx library.

That (and the camera shaking) has been fixed. I even threw in a neat icon to start the Sonnet from the Workbench. So let's look to a timedemo then. Keep in mind that it is still a software renderer, and that the card is crippled due to slow context-switches between the 2 CPUs. For a comparison, see***e.html

Have fun!

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