Friday, April 1, 2016

Increased compatibility

With the introduction of the latest features in the sonnet.library: Correctly working mirror tasks and a shared signal system between the two CPUs, the compatibility with WarpOS has increased. Also some speed was gained (5-10%).

The major result is that in FreeSpace there now is sound. Also the timing task and the sound output task within ScummVM WOS are now correctly working.

Here are some movies with build 140 in action:

Samurai Showdown 4 for the Neo Geo (NeoMAME): I noticed later that the health bar is missing. This is an artifact of the chosen FrameSkip parameter (2):

Here ScummVM for WarpOS version 0.7.1. (no newer version, sadly enough): The heavy hick-up in the beginning is encoding related. It is however not running at full speed due to extra context switches due to CHIP memory access attempts by the PPC.

Finally FreeSpace: The Great War: I had to turn of music streaming due to artifacts in the sound output. It is not always there when I start the game. Need to investigate that one further. I cut out parts of loading screens to shorten the movie a bit.

Until next time!