Thursday, November 19, 2015


One of the early goals of the project was to get some specific stuff running on the G3 processor. The WarpDT suite, the MP3 engine for AmigaAMP and the dnetc client (see

It took me the better parts of a week to finally get some results regarding the dnetc client. Of course it is a good thing that for every program I try to run I need to do a lot of bug fixing in the sonnet library, but it can be tiresome sometime :-) On the other hand it gives me more and more insight on the inner workings of WarpOS. Anyway here the first output of the client:

As you can see, the speed is as what is to be expected from a 500 MHz MPC750 processor. It still crashes on exit, but I guess that's for the next week :-)

And yes, I have not forgotten to look at the A1200, but I first want to have this 100% running.

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