Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Buggy first try at PPC assembly....

While doing the ReWarp project and testing out all kinds of demos (the hardest things to get going IMHO, they break system conformity quiet often), I decided to test some of the demos also with the sonnet.library. A hard crash with the first demo (bus error) and a DSI error with the other was the result

After debugging I found some serious bugs in the oldest code of the sonnet.library. The very first functions implemented were GetInfo, Alloc/FreeVecPPC and the TagItem functions (NextTagItemPPC etc.). I hadn't looked at this part of the code in almost 1.5 years. It were my first real tries at PPC assembly.

Anyway, that fixed the bus error problem.

The DSI resulted from the demos allocating memory for the PPC using Run68K and not the native PPC memory allocating functions. After a fix to that I had some fun watching demos:

MadWizards - Till I Feel You:

MadWizards - Third Eye Conqueror:

Some gfx bugs in some scenes, but overall it looked good! I hope to publish a video soon!