Sunday, June 10, 2018

Another member of the family

Over the years I have been trying to get a hold of other cards which could potentially function as a PPC PCI card in a classic Amiga with mediator. You have probably seen the PMC carrier picture from way back in 2016.

Thanks to the help of one person in particular (you know who you are) the Rapture card was identified as being able to run in a classic Amiga and added by me to the number of cards being supported. This was an easy one to add as it also has the MPC107 chip-set. The benefit it being a MPC7410 450MHz which made the search for a Sonnet G4 no longer needed.

That same person also looked into other chip-sets besides the MPC107 and pointed me to them and their documentation. It took a few weeks to program (effectively...I've been busy on and off on it for months) but I can now present the support for the Motorola Harrier chip-set.

I've been developing on a card with 256MB and a 450MHz MPC7410 and it seems faster than the Rapture. It also can be set-up without the help of VGA memory (so it can be run right after C:SetPatch).

See for more info and benchmarks.

The family becomes bigger and bigger. Below picture shows a carrier in the top left corner. The Rapture card in the bottom left corner. A sonnet on the right and in the middle the new supported card.

Happy hunting!

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