Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trying some games with ReWarp

When deleting hyperionvideo.library (no movies...alas) and with using the latest ReWarp library you can actually play Shogo MAD and Freespace (sort of...). At least it seems to be a lot more stable than with the old powerpc.library. No crashes while playing. There's one at the start of Shogo which isn't in the old library. I have to track that one down.

Starting up Shogo through the shell as the start GUI crashes (with both ReWarp and old powerpc lib):

The loading screen if you are fast enough. With no movies it goes by quickly:

The in-game menu. Warp3D renderer also works, but the game becomes very dark and unplayable. Maybe there is a gamma option somewhere. Also some glitches in the 3D with hardware acceleration enabled:

Start of the game using the software renderer:

Second level:

Bit further in the second level. Sometimes, NPC models seem to be missing:

Let's look at FreeSpace. Here the launcher works (with the wizard.library from OS4Depot). Don't forget to activate the Warp3D patch when playing. This game is actually playable now:

Works with all sounds enabled:

The tech room with the various models:

Flying around in your ship.. I rather have a blue HUD :-)

As a bonus here's a screenshot of Heretic II demo which also works:


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