Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Picture of the Day: Voxelspace revisited

When I was in Neuss, the library was just about ready to show something moving on the screen without crashing. The picture below is from the Neuss event.

As you can see (with a bit of effort), Voxelspace was about 25 FPS at that time.

In December, direct access to graphics memory was added. And last week I finally found why RunPPC was as 10 times as slow as expected. This resulted in the following speed with Voxelspace.

Another little step taken.


  1. Hi ! Cowcat here.

    Following your work almost on daily basis. Keep on the good stuff. :)

  2. hi Cowcat! Thank you!
    A question, could you look at various Amidog sources and implement AHI? :-P

  3. Which ones? :) 2 problems I face always with the old Warpos programs: Almost all are compiled with some kind of gcc (StormC 4 or hacked 2.95.2), so first of all I should rewrite those sources to be "vbcc happy" as I did with Quake2, second to learn AHI :) I used Q1 Wille AHI code for BlitzQuake (of course he let me to do that), but a furious brainstorm is needed for those 2 factors. C++ is out of question by now, but maybe a long time rewriting + upgrading old sources could benefit not only PPC stuff but 68k. Maybe a pool for upgrading & asking for permission to developers to let redoing their work? And that is another factor too.