Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More progress and bugs to thanks for it

One of the more complex programs for WarpOS is wosdb, one of the few debuggers for WarpOS. It had been sitting there on the issue list (https://github.com/Sakura-IT/SonnetAmiga/issues) for quite a while now. Until recently, the code for the sonnet library wasn't as far as to even think about getting it working. It is for example one of the few programs using exception handlers and next to that a score of other functions from the library like cache manipulation, memory pool creation and deletion, signaling, waiting for signals and some more.

A lot of effort was put to get it all working prior to Neuss as it would mark a level of code maturity. Sadly, Neuss came a bit too soon. However, a few weeks down the road and we have some results.

The most difficult part was to make the cache play nice as the debugger does not work with real breakpoints but placing trap instructions on the addresses it wants to put a breakpoint on. There are still some quirks to iron out but most things can be done like stepping through a program, disassembling and displaying memory and setting breakpoints. Hopefully it will help to get the even more complex programs going.

As for some more eye-candy which didn't make Neuss: Here is a teaser/still from a certain flashy program.

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