Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Second in line is an A2630. This is an 030/FPU accelerator which came with the faulty B2000. Symptoms are that when installed, the Amiga does not boot (tested on a working B2000).

History of this card that it was claimed to be working, until someone decided to upgrade the FPU to a faster one. An oscillator socket was soldered to the board and the FPU replaced. The board then refused to boot.

Initial diagnose here was a faulty FPU. In the course of that repair, all the modifications were reversed. Still the card wouldn't boot. That's when it fell into my hands.

The plan is to check the signals of the 68030 and FPU and check all the PALs and replace them for GALs if needed. The A2630 is one of those cards which schematics and jed files are all over the net.

But first to repair the B2000 so it can act as a testing platform.

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